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A La Carte Bar Menu | served at the Mistral Bar

Enjoy a sampling of items from the award winning elements restaurant menu in the casual setting of the Mistral Bar.

Menu only available in the bar, Wednesday through Saturday evenings, starting at 5pm.

Most menu items available for takeout as well.

Our Bread & Butter $8
sourdough, seeded spelt loaf & focaccia


Barstool Oysters (ea.) $5
ponzu & trout roe


Salad of Local Lettuces $16
burrata, sunflower, herbs

Crispy Fish Cheeks & Fries $16

tartar sauce, lemon, capers

Grilled Bok Choy $16

celery root, chili, soy, yuba 

Kohlrabi $14

basil pistou, pine nut, fennel, parmesan

Thai Beef Salad  $18

peanut, basil, cucumber, pineapple

Japanese Squid  $18

flageolet bean, spring onion, prosciutto cotto


Kona Kanpachi $20

mustard, miso, dulse seaweed


Linguine $18

local mushroom, kale, lamb

Sardinian Fregola Pasta $20

lamb, burrata, local mushroom


Ivory King Salmon $28

braised turnip, chamomile, black pepper

Wagyu Ribeye $36(3oz) $59(6oz)
aligot potato, mushroom, greens


Hawaiian Vanilla  $16
blueberries, biscuit, caramel


The above menu is for illustration only and subject to change.

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