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Celebrate Easter with elements
Sunday, March 31, 2024
10:30am - 3pm

Three Course Brunch Menu

$85 per person


1st Course

Smoked Salmon
dill, pickled onion, smoked buttermilk


bronze fennel, local mushroom, parmesan


Great Meadow Farm Salad
burrata, sunflower seed, herbs


tartare, cabbage, nori


Roasted Lamb Hash
ham, parmesan, egg, mustard, onion


2nd Course

Crab Omelette
mushroom, pea leaves, spring onion, parmesan


Eggs Benedict
cured ham, english muffin, hollandaise



macadamia nut, hearts of palm, lilikoi

Steak & Eggs
aligot potato, mushroom, thyme


Wagyu Delmonico Steak & Eggs
aligot potato, mushroom, thyme

($30 supplement)


3rd Course

Hawaiian Vanilla 

sour cherry, biscuit, caramel

farmer's cheese ice cream, blueberry, caramel


Local Cheese
mostarda, honey, sourdough

($12 supplement)


Menus subject to change based upon product availability.

Dietary restrictions and allergies can be accommodated with advanced notice. 

Limited tables available. Place your reservation today.

Easter Reservations

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