Celebrate Valentine’s Brunch With elements

Sunday, February 14th, celebrate Valentine’s brunch in style with elements in Princeton. We will be offering a special 3-course brunch menu from 10:30am – 1:30pm for $79 per person.

Special 3-course brunch menu from 10:30am – 1:30pm

First Course

Smoked Salmon
dill, pickled onion, smoked buttermilk

parmesan, peas, ham, breadcrumbs

Salad of Local Lettuces and Endive
burrata, beets, sunflower seeds, kumquat

Madai Sashimi
cucumber, mizuna, perilla seed vinaigrette

Second Course

pea leaves, mushrooms, fresh cheese

Eggs Benedict
lady edison ham, english muffin, hollandaise

Black Bass
jonah crab, vin blanc, chives, citrus

Steak and Eggs
potato, cauliflower, maitake mushroom

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Third Course

Buckwheat Honey
cranberry, white chocolate, yogurt

Chocolate Tart
farmers cheese, mint, berries

Local Cheeses
mostarda, honey, sourdough
($12 supplement)

As our menus are seasonally driven, please note that the above menus are for illustration only and subject to change. With notice, we will happily accommodate any dietary restrictions.